lawn care services


Core aerating the lawn allows compaction from heavy traffic areas to be relieved. It allows the soil area  to breathe, so nutrients can get down to the root area of the grass and promote a healthy, vibrant lawn. We suggest this should be done at least every couple of years.

  • Weekly Mowing Service
  • All lawn areas will be cut
  • Areas that cannot be reached by mower will be cut with a string trimmer
  • All hard surfaces will be blown clean
  • Fertilizing, Weed control
  • New sod, seeding, topdressing, re-leveling
  • Lawn Aeration, De-thatching
  • Hard surface power sweeping
  • Don't let grubs attack your lawn. We use environmentally safe and natural fertilizers.
  • Organic Grub Control- Nematodes (naturally occurring organisms) are applied to turf

Grub control

If you have had problems with grubs or the lawn is not salvageable, you might need to re-sod the whole lawn. We will check to see what kind of soil you have and if need be, we will till the lawn area and add new organic matter to the soil. Adding the new soil is the best thing you can do to give your new lawn a fighting chance to survive the long haul. the organic matter will let you new lawn thrive and will save you time, money and water down the road by supplying the lawn with the nutrients it needs.

  • De-thatching
  • Full clean up of any dead grass, leaves, twigs, and debris
  • Complete and thorough coverage and raking off thatch

spring clean up

  • Service includes leaf collection
  • Removal of annuals
  • Garden bed clean ups (perennial care, fertilizing, rose protection and more
  • Eaves trough cleaning

Fall Clean up

Leaves will be raked up and all lawn areas will be cleaned of debris. This will  ensure  your lawn will be ready for the winter season. Not only will it keep your  lawn  healthy it is also more aesthetically pleasing. 
Pilon Landworks uses an organic/synthetic fertilizer blend.

Over-seeding in the fall or the spring will not only strengthen but make your lawn full and appear more lush. When your lawn is thick and healthy, seeds which sprout weeks have a harder time to root and establish in your lawn. Thus reducing the need for chemical applications such as week control; and less time wasted pulling those pesky weeds. 100% coverage of custom blended seeds.

Complete Lawn rebuilding

organic/synthetic blended fertilizer treatment